Thursday, 12 February 2009

Apologies To Insect Life (and you our beloved readers).

Good morning, good yawning. After the absolute shambles of not getting Wednesday’s post online, we’ve come to the decision that the SME team need to get slightly more ahead of the game. Thank you for telling us this. There’s bound to be some teething problems (and due to the state of one of SME’s teeth that is an awful pun) and for this we apologise. But we actually like it when you let us know we’ve messed up.

Anyway - less apologies, more music. Tonight (Thursday) one of us is off to The Bowery. Playing tonight is Share ( ) who hail all the way from Canada. Joining them is The Second Hand Marching Band (; we’re looking forward to these guys. Apparently there are 22 of them and they’re from all over Scotland and they play just about every instrument you can think of. They’re all in other bands too, which include (take a deep breath): House Mouse, Lula Maes, Frieght Logistics, Dananananaykroyd, Thing!, How to Swim, The Occasional Flickers, Eagleowl, Q without U, The Martial Arts, Brighter Better Days, Wall Street Ammunition Hero, The Just Joans, Remember Remember, and Tangles.


(We’re also off to see How To Swim tomorrow but more news about that then.)

The Bowery (, 7:30pm, £5.

However, if you’re not really up for a game of sardines then the The View ( are playing The Picture House tonight. Unless you’ve already got a ticket SME reckon you’ll have to seek out a tout. (Obviously in the future we’ll be letting you know about more well known bands well in advance so we won’t be telling you useless stuff like this...)

The Edinburgh Picture House (, 7pm, £13.

Also on at the Wee Red Bar tonight is The Love Gig, 7pm – 10pm. It’s free, which we love, and local guys The Tin Cans ( are playing. They’re promising beer and biscuits which sounds like a sweet deal, so you may see some of us down there...

The Wee Red Bar (, 7pm, FREE.

Right, that’s about it from us for now. Pick a show. We’ll see you there, and we’ll talk about it tomorrow.

Peace and love, xxx

P.S. We also feel that although it’s completely off the point we should let you know about this: just on the off chance that you’re in Manchester tonight. HeartBeats are some of our good friends, and we know they know their music, so we feel we should give them some support and wish g’luck for their opening night.

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