Sunday, 15 February 2009

One Week.

The very first weekly round-up of SME! Oooh errr, this is where we hope we get it right. So what exactly did happen?

Well for starters, we got the blog up, which we reckon was a highlight... the imagination of Share... being wedged in for Meursault’s set (apparently not everyone got in to see this)... our mental trip to California with Horse-Shoe Sky*... last night we also nipped back down to The Bowery to see a beautiful set by Rob St. John and Eagleowl... so yeah, that’s probably enough for now.

*For those of you that tuned in last night, you probably noticed that it’s not only us that have technical problems. We don’t know what happened, but we’re pretty upset about it, so sorry for making you stay up past your bedtime.

If you’re not up to much tonight, I’d suggest getting an early one – there’s a lot going on next week (more about that tomorrow).

Peace and love, xxx

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